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Gratnells products Nicole See, Customer service, Gratnells USA

Nicole See, a member of the Gratnells USA Customer Service Team, based in Clearwater, Florida.


Gratnells – improving learning environments

An innovator in classroom design, Gratnells is committed to improving learning environments, and the learning experience, for all children across the USA. With over 20 years’ experience serving schools and colleges in the USA and close working relationships with leading furniture manufacturers, Gratnells is now even better placed to meet the needs of the US market.

Gratnells is the UK manufacturer and marketer of Britain’s best known and most widely used range of storage systems and trays.

The range includes:

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Gratnells at EDspaces
Gratnells, innovators in classroom design, invites you to hear world-renowned author, speaker and educationalist SIR KEN ROBINSON, live at EDspaces 2017 on Thursday 26 October at 09.30am.

Gratnells has over 20 years’ experience serving schools and colleges in the USA and trade with more than 65 countries across the globe, but even our figures are dwarfed by the popularity of our great Keynote Speaker.

Recognizing the importance of EDspaces, Gratnells is delighted to bring SIR KEN to the event. With his engaging style of delivery and unique take on the Education sector, he is the most watched TED talker on YouTube with over 40 million views.

Take your chance to hear SIR KEN ROBINSON’s advice on the development of the US market and explore the next steps in Education at first hand.Gratnells products

Learning Rooms
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Every child's introduction to the world of education is shaped and defined by the physical environment.

Each child needs to share space for play, to own space for personal belongings and to feel welcome in the space to learn.

The role of Gratnells Learning Rooms in the physical environment in which teachers teach and children learn - as explained in the concept of the third teacher - embodies a number of principles which designers can use to inform their work.

For a number of useful resources to support the design, planning and curriculum of your learning room, visit